Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Council sells security hole on Ebay

A security expert discovered a VPN device bought on Ebay automatically connected to a local council's confidential servers.

Andrew Mason bought the Cisco VPN 3002 Concentrator - a device on which he has written a tutorial book - on Ebay for only 99 pence, with the intention of using it at work.

However, when he plugged it in it automatically connected him directly to Kirklees Council's central servers, circumventing security with the login details which had been carelessly left on the device.

"It instantly connected me, and I had full network access," explains Mason. "I understand the law extremely well and at that point disconnected," adds the intrusion-detection professional.

Despite contacting the council about the matter, no action was taken. "They ignored me at first," says Mason, before explaining that following coverage on the BBC website, access from the device has been shut off.

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