Friday, October 3, 2008

BSQL Hacker - Automated SQL Injection Framework

BSQL Hacker is an automated SQL Injection Framework / Tool designed to exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities in virtually any database.

It ships with Automated Attack modules which allows the dumping of whole databases for the following DBMS:

  • MS-SQL Server
  • MySQL (experimental)

Attack Templates for:

  • MS Access
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MS-SQL Server

Also you can write your own attack template for any other database as well (see the manual for details). New attack templates and exploits for specific web application can be shared via Exploit Repository.

BSQL Hacker aims for experienced users as well as beginners who want to automate SQL Injections (especially Blind SQL Injections).

It supports :

  • Blind SQL Injection (Boolean Injection)
  • Full Blind SQL Injection (Time Based)
  • Deep Blind SQL Injection (a new way to exploit BSQLIs, explained here)
  • Error Based SQL Injection

It allows metasploit alike exploit repository to share and update exploits and attack temlpates.

You can download BSQL Hacker here:


Or read more here.

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