Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Massive SQL Injection Attacks - the Chinese Way

From copycats and "localizers" of Russian web malware exploitation kits, to suppliers of original hacking tools, the Chinese IT underground has been closely following the emerging threats and the obvious insecurities on a large scale, and so is either filling the niches left open by other international communities, or coming up with tools setting new benchmarks for massive SQL injection attacks, like the case with this one :

"A professional web site vulnerability scanning, use of tools, SQL injection is a new generation of tools to help Web developers and site of the station quickly find vulnerabilities in order to be able to effectively prepare Security work. At the same time, the tool to Web developers to demonstrate the ways in which hackers are using these vulnerabilities, hackers, as well as through the loopholes to do things, can effectively raise the safety awareness of relevant personnel."

Nothing's wrong with the marketing pitch at the first place, but going through the features, the "massive SQL injections through search engine reconnaissance" and automatic page rank verification which you can see in the attached screenshots, ruin the "security auditing" marketing pitch. The tool not only allows easy integration of potentially vulnerable sites obtained through search engines reconnaissance, but also, is prioritizing the results based on the probability for successful injection, next to the page rank of the domains in question. A simple demonstration offered by the company is also, directly enticing its users to "localize" the search engine reconnaissance, by filtering the search results for a particupar country, in this case they used French sites for one of the demos. Here are some excerpts from its CHANGE log speaking for themselves :

"2008.7.15 release version 1.3

- New powerful "automatic machine cycle" feature
- Automatic machine cycle is to provide assistance to the advanced user manual into the use of a very
- powerful and flexible module, the main sites used for some special filtering into the hand, is almost a
- universal tool, you can achieve the following:

1. In support of GET / POST / COOKIES in a variety of ways, such as the injection.
2. Scan the key to the page (background, upload, WebShell, databases, backup files, etc.).
3. According to the dictionary to violence landing back-guess solution WebShell password and password (required to verify that the code can not guess solution).
4. Page language does not limit the types and databases (to provide specific statements into the database).
5. At the same time, support for the circulation of the two variables and two dictionaries, fast running and violent content of the database solution to guess a password."


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