Friday, April 3, 2009

Simple Conficker test for end users

Joe Stewart of SecureWorks has developed a simple test which reveals at a glance whether or not a system has been infected with one of the wide-spread versions of Conficker. The H now offers our own version of this test page.

Once a Conficker infection is suspected on a system, the anti-virus software installed on that system can no longer be trusted. The malware terminates a number of security mechanisms and prevents the start of certain programs. The new test is based on the fact that Conficker blocks access to various security and anti-virus pages. It includes a page that shows images of normal and of blocked sites. If only the images of the AV vendors are missing, there is a high likelihood that the computer has been infected with Conficker – or with another type of malware that behaves in a similar way.
Affected systems should, at the least, be treated with one of the Conficker removal tools. With this in mind, users are advised not to blindly follow the first link that comes up but look for a trustworthy vendor instead.


Conficker Working Group Website

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