Friday, May 29, 2009

Firefox Denial of Service (KEYGEN) Exploit

Affected products :
- Firefox 3.0.10 (Windows)
- probably all versions that support the keygen tag.

This bug is a simple design bug that results in an endless loop (and interesting memory leaks). Once upon a time Netscape thought it would be a great idea to add the keygen tag (KEYGEN) as a feature to their Browser. The keygen tag offers a simple way of automatically generating key material using various algorithms. For instance it is possible to generate RSA, DSA and EC key material.

"The public key and challenge string are DER encoded as PublicKeyAndChallenge and then digitally signed with the private key to produce a SignedPublicKeyAndChallenge. The SignedPublicKeyAndChallenge is base64 encoded, and the ASCII data is finally submitted to the server as the value of a name-value pair, where the name is specified by the NAME attribute of the KEYGEN tag."

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