Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twitter security breach hits Barack Obama’s account

Melbourne: Twitter, the micro-blogging service, suffered another hole in its security after a French computer hacker got into its internal system and accessed accounts including that of US President Barack Obama.

The hacker, posing as "Hacker Croll", uploaded a string of screenshots showing his access to the internal website settings.

One shot even displayed private details of the President’s account, including the IP address of the last person to use it, reports News.com.au.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone confirmed unauthorised access had been gained by an outsider.

While he assured just 10 individual accounts had been broken into, no account information was edited or deleted and that an independent security audit of its internal systems was being carried out.

Twitter had faced a similar security breach in January, when another hacker managed to get into a staff account and uploaded fake updates to a number of high-profile accounts including that of Britney Spears.



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