Sunday, June 7, 2009

ARPFreeze - A tool for Windows to protect against ARP poisoning

From Irongeek

This tool is for prevention. ARPFreeze lets you setup static ARP tables so that other attackers (using Cain, Ettercap, Arpspoof or some other tool) can't pull off an ARP poisoning attack against you. Windows has tools built in for doing this (the arp command and netsh) but these are not easy or automated, so I created ARPFreeze, a simple automation script. It looks at your current ARP table, and lets you make entries static. It may help someone in hardening a box against Man in the Middle attacks that use ARP poisoning. I'll describe it's usage, and what it's doing in the background, side by side with screen shots from version 0.1 of the tool (I may not always update these screen shots as I update the tool, but the same general idea is there). If you really want to know what is going on in the background look at the source code that is includes in the download.

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