Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Astalavista Part 2

Seems that the tragedy continues,

He was also part of Astalavista ( RIP ) staff. Looks like everyone involved in that cult is a security expert.

infosec.org.uk - PWNED
defaultports.com -PWNED

and some others websites owned by Astalavista Staff has been hacked and all user details have been exposed.

Take a look at this new full disclosure

Response From Astalavista Staff: <- so LOL

I am going to report back what exactly happened. It was not a real hack but an exposure of my plaintext password on Astalavista Defacement.

Through that they logged in to my gmail account where I keep lot of passwords as it is a private email account and they get access to the server.

Including crownvip and root password!

They were logged in on the server yesterday as crownvip username from a korean ip which after I port scan seems to be a proxy. I did not give too much attention on that but this account password is on my gmail account and its 8 numeric letters only. I do not believe that they bruteforce sshd to get this account as I have installed BFD (Brute Force Detection) on the server while I was hardened him.

Everything is recovered back and we are working to bring the server live while we upload the delete backups back to the server.

Backups already recovered


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