Sunday, June 14, 2009

Astalavista strategy

Dear Visitor
Dear Member
Dear Anti-Sec Group

As you may recognize, we don't offer all our services at the moment. On Thursday, 4th of June, we had some "problems". Anti-sec Group attacked us and made some reproaches. Some of them are true and we already know them, but the most are not. Like we would steal information from we have an agreement with str0ke, the owner of milw0rm to publish his exploits on astalavista.

The reproache that we are doing it only for the money is completely wrong. Why do we invest in a new community system, in new features and bring up new ideas? Because we like it and we have fun doing it. (But yes, we also have to earn money, because the infrastructure isn't for free and we have also to life from something. Or do you work for free?) And by the way, every thing on is free. For some services you have to register, but for free!

We guess also Anti-Sec didn't read our logo well, because it's written on it "Beta"! This means we are only in a testing period and not all our services are available yet. We planned to offer this months two new features. A new download module with better usablility and hacking challenges with nearly 300 challenges in different categories. Our strategy was to offer new services step by step to grow slowly. You see, we try to do alot for our new community on We are just at the beginning.

This is the commercial website where you have to pay to get access. We called it on the beginning, 8 years ago, member area, because the word community wasn't very known then on the internet. We can say we are one of the pioneers for IT communities. Our plan was to merge these two websites together to get a bigger and stronger community. After this happened we had think about our strategy and merge it maybe earlier then planed.

We will use what has happened as a chance to start a new community system. This means we will re-think our existing strategy. Now you have the chance to have influence to our strategy, because we like to offer a service, a community which helps and is useful for you. Write us your ideas! This request goes also to the Anti-Sec Group. We hope Anti-Sec group can also be constructive not only be destructive. Maybe they would like to participate in our new community.

Best whises
Prozac - head of ASTALAVISTA


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