Thursday, June 25, 2009

PyLoris: A Python implementation of Slowloris

RSnake's tool, Slowloris, is elegant and effective. Its basic principal is that it sends a large number of HTTP requests to a webserver, keeping the connections open for extended periods of time by continuing to send headers to the server. Because Slowloris never completes a request, and because the popular webservers limit the number of concurrent requests allowed, this will eventually fill all usable connections to the server. The nice side effect of this is that the webserver is the only service that is affected; the network and memory are undamaged leaving all other services on the system fully operational.

PyLoris is written entirely in Python, utilizes only standard modules, is OS and platform independent, and is less than 100 lines of code. It runs a little differently than Slowloris, in that it throttles the entire request, allows users to specify the bandwidth for the connection as well as how large the request is. Unfortunately, the brevity of the code does not leave room for SSL/TLS handling, so only HTTP is supported for the time being.

Here is a brief description of the things PyLoris can do:

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