Thursday, June 4, 2009

Web Browsers: An Emerging Platform Under Attack

McAfee whitepaper about Browser Security and Attacks

The widespread use of highly interactive “rich client” web applications for e-commerce, business networking, and online collaboration has finally catapulted web browsers from straightforward HTML viewers to a full-blown software platform. And as corporate users are performing a significant portion of their work on the web, whether it’s researching or collaborating, the safety of the underlying platform is critical to the company’s success. ”

Other areas the paper covers include:

• The shift in spam to mainly malicious web link usage

• “Web 2.0” sites—whether weblogs, social networking or portal sites—are increasingly spammed with links to malicious sites

• Legitimate sites are compromised and misused to either host malicious code or link to a malicious website

• Use of malicious video banners placed in advertisement networks

• Use of popular search terms to advertise and drive (search query) traffic to a malicious website. In a recent case in Germany, attackers used Google AdWords to attract users who searched for “flash player” to the attacker’s fake Adobe-look-alike site

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