Monday, July 20, 2009

Hacking CSRF Tokens using CSS History Hack

In this exploit, we discover the csrf token by brute forcing the various set of urls in browser history. We will try to embed different csrf token values as part of url and check if the user has visited that url. If yes, there is a good chance that the user is either using the same CSRF token in the current active session or might have used that token in a previous session. Once we have a list of all such tokens, we can just try our csrf attack on the server using that small list. Currently this attack is feasible for tokens with length of 5 characters or shorter. I tried it on a base16 string of length 5 and was able to brute force the entire key space in less than 2 minutes.

Some of the prerequisites for this attack to work are either

1 CSRF token remains the same for a particular user session. e.g. csrf token=hash(session_id) OR

2 CSRF token submitted in older forms for the same session is accepted. Many times, this is the case as it enhances user experience and allows using forward and back browser buttons.

More Info and Proof of Concept

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