Wednesday, July 8, 2009

milw0rm Shutting The Doors

In an unfortunate turn of events a great security resource is hanging up its gloves. will be shutting down. The site maintainer, str0ke, posted a message on the site today explaining why.

From milw0rm:

Well, this is my goodbye header for milw0rm. I wish I had the time I did in the past to post exploits, I just don’t . For the past 3 months I have actually done a pretty crappy job of getting peoples work out fast enough to be proud of, 0 to 72 hours (taking off weekends) isn’t fair to the authors on this site. I appreciate and thank everyone for their support in the past.
Be safe, /str0ke

A sad moment but, and an all too common lament among folks who run security websites. It’s a labour of love but, at some point it can become overwhelming. I wonder who will fill the gap.



msg from str0ke via twitter

I have talked with a few friends and I'll be handing the site over so a group of people can add exploits / other things to the site. Hopefully it will be a new good start

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