Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adobe Flash Player and AIR AVM2 intf_count Integer Overflow Remote Code Execution

Since the out of bounds object contains arbitrary values, the attacker may spray the heap so he/she would have control over ArbitraryObjectA and ArbitraryObjectB (they would be located at addresses which contain data controlled by the attacker). This may allow him/her to pass all aforementioned conditions and also control the value which is written in the arbitrary memory MOV and the target of it. Achieving this may allow him the execute arbitrary code.

During the research of this vulnerability I’ve managed to create a functional exploit (demo:
It should also be denoted that the vulnerable code is wrapped by an SEH handler which doesn't crash the application on Access Violation. This means that the exploitation process may try different base addresses and offsets in case of a failure.

Check Roee Hay blog for more info

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