Monday, August 3, 2009

Critical Security.NET got Hacked

We Were Hacked. Again !

Quote from the board:

CS is down for a short while
Hope you had a better morning than I did. My alarm clock (mobile phone) went off, I pick it up to hit snooze and see there's a text from a CS member. This is unusual so instead of deciding to catch a few more minutes sleep I read the text; "Forum hacked big mess". Aaw crap.

Yep. we were hacked. project mayhem rolled the steel ball into us today (on a Monday morning? seriously?). So. I've shut down most things, IRC is still up. I have off site backups which are about 30 hours old, but obviously the hole needs to be fixed before we apply those.

So I'm off to work *sigh*. I'll try to do something during lunch.

What they did
At first glance they got rm'd the www folder and the DB. It has to be assumed they dumped the DB and are cracking hashes and reading private convos (there is nothing exciting to read in the restricted forums). so please change any passwords if they are the same or similar to that of this site.

Any words from our hackers?
uR 4dm1nZ have weak passw0rdszzz, supp0rt pr0j3kt-m4yh3mcat index.html@#@, x0x0x0x0x wuz h3r3


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