Saturday, August 22, 2009

Metasploit DNS and DHCP Exhaustion

Here are two Metasploit modules I've been working on which are now ready for beta release. The first is a DNS MiTM module which has been worked on by various people, the last being Wesley McGrew who released his version but never got round to getting it into the Metasploit Framework. The module loads a list of domains to give fake responses for and returns real results for everything else. My work on this was to add the facility to have it reload the config file without a restart by doing a look up on a pre-set domain. I also fixed a couple of minor bugs.

The second module is a DHCP Exhaustion attack tool which continues to request DHCP addresses till it stops getting responses from the server which, as far as I can tell, means the IP pool is exhausted. I've written this one from the ground up and is my first module. I think it fits in with the style of other modules I've compared it with.


You'll need to be root to run both modules and for the DHCP module you'll need to put the interface into promiscious mode before starting the attack so it can hear all the replies to the fake requests. The easiest way to explain how to use them is to just show the modules in use so here they are...

Download and More info

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