Sunday, August 9, 2009

Watcher version 1.2.1

A Passive tool for Web Security Testing and Auditing

Watcher is a runtime passive-analysis tool for HTTP-based Web applications. It detects Web-application security issues as well as operational configuration issues. Watcher provides pen-testers hot-spot detection for vulnerabilities, developers quick sanity checks, and auditors PCI compliance auditing. It looks for issues related to mashups, user-controlled payloads (potential XSS), cookies, comments, HTTP headers, SSL, Flash, Silverlight, referrer leaks, information disclosure, Unicode, and more.

Major Features:
Passive detection of security, privacy, and PCI compliance issues in HTTP, HTML, Javascript, and CSS
Works seamlessly with complex Web 2.0 applications while you drive the Web browser
Non-intrusive, will not raise alarms or damage production sites
Real-time analysis and reporting - findings are reported as they’re found, exportable to XML
Configurable domains with wildcard support
Extensible framework for adding new checks

Watcher is built as a plugin for the Fiddler HTTP debugging proxy available at Watcher works seamlessly with today’s complex Web 2.0 applications by running silently in the background while you drive your browser and interact with the Web-application.

Watcher is built in C# as a small framework with 30+ checks already included. It's built so that new checks can be easily created to perform custom audits specific to your organizational policies, or to perform more general-purpose security assessments

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