Friday, September 11, 2009

QuadNX Version Qx2 Released

QuadNX Version Qx2 - OS: Linux / Kernel 2.6.*

QuadNX v.Qx2 - Linux Kernel-Mode Denial of Service Bot(net) system
with User-side control console aka Qcontroler, kernel mode DDoS Bot, user-mode part including latest linux kernel exploit
and just one file php gate script.
Based on 3 elements:

1. Client-Side console
2. Gate-Way Server side script
3. Automated network client [bot]


[+] SLeep / [+] SYN Flood / [+] TRASH Flood
[+] Reboot remote machine / [+] Power off remote machine
[+] User Side console as administration interface
[+] Latest Linux kernel exploit used
[+] Just one php gate file


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