Saturday, November 28, 2009

MySqloit - SQL Injection Takeover Tool

MySqloit is a SQL Injection takeover tool focused on LAMP (Linux, Apache,MySql,PHP) and WAMP (Windows, Apache,MySql,PHP) platforms. It has an ability to upload and execute Metasploit shellcodes through the MySql SQL Injection vulnerability.

Platform supported
1) Linux

Key Features
1) SQL Injection detection using time based injection method 2) Database fingerprint 3) Web server directory fingerprint 4) Payload creation and execution

1) FILE privilege 2) Web server and database server must be in the same machine 3) Prior knowledge of the web server directory 4) For the LAMP platform, if the mysqld runs as a non root user, a writable web server directory is required

./ -h


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Anonymous said...

When i execute this Script, i get this Error: "ValueError: invalid \x escape".

What´s the problem?