Wednesday, November 4, 2009

winAUTOPWN 2.0 has been Released

winAUTOPWN 2.0 - Introducing winAUTOPWN GUI - Now you can sleep

winAUTOPWN or WINDOWS AUTOPWN version 2.0 now has a GUI (winAUTOPWN_GUI.exe) to initiate the main console winAUTOPWN.exe
winAUTOPWN now supports all console arguments which can also be fed interactively.
This version covers almost all remote exploits from 2009 start uptill October 2009. Though a few are still missing but they will be added shortly.
Daily/Weekly Snapshot/Beta Releases of winAUTOPWN are always available for download from WINAUTOPWN website

For more info and Download check:

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