Thursday, December 3, 2009

Metasploit 3.3.1 Released

This release provides initial integration with Rapid NeXpose, allowing the user to launch a vulnerability scan from the Metasploit console and follow the scan with targeted automatic exploitation. Version 3.3.1 also fixes 25 bugs, adds history support for msfconsole, and improves the entropy of generated executables.

Metasploit now has 453 exploit modules and 218 auxiliary modules (from 445 and 216 respectively in v3.3)
Metasploit now integrates with all editions of NeXpose (see NeXpose_Plugin)
The msfconsole now stores and loads history automatically
The Linux installer now correctly unsets GEM_PATH to avoid gem installation conflicts
Generated Windows executables are much more random and AV-resistant
WMAP reporting now uses the notes table instead of a separate set of reporting tables
Auxiliary scanners are now much more stable on Ruby 1.9.1
Meterpreter migration sanity checks added
The Windows installer now includes Nmap 5.10BETA1


See also: Test Drive Of Metasploit's NeXpose Plug-In

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