Friday, January 1, 2010 Hacked

Antisec group hacked and exposed | RoMeO g00t pwned

What you are about to read is the complete destruction of the "Anti-Sec" group. An organization known as "ProSec" contacted us with reports containing information about the entire group and how it was operating.
We don't know who they are, they appear to be well-funded and top notch security experts and what they have done against the group is invaluable to us and others that they have and or would have been targeted.
ProSec did want me to portray a message that organizations similar to the Anti-Sec will and are currently being targeted by the movement. ProSec already has access to a number of them and are continuously monitoring and gathering more information about the various groups and will release information when applicable. No longer should whitehats fear these groups, as soon as an individual is targeted, they will target right back.This is a warning shot to those out there that target us. I want to thank ProSec for the work that they continue to do and understand why this movement is so important to the security community.

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