Friday, January 1, 2010

FirePassword Version 3.5 released

The Firefox Username & Password List Decryptor

FirePassword is the console tool designed to decrypt the username and password list from Firefox sign-on database. Firefox records the login details such as username and password for every website authorized by the user and stores them in the sign-on database file in encrypted format.

FirePassword tool can decrypt and display these secrets on the same lines as the Firefox built-in password manager. The main advantage of FirePassword is that it does not require Firefox to be running. This is very useful in recovering the sign-on details when Firefox fails to function properly. Also FirePassword can be used to display sign-on secrets from different profile (other than current profile) as well as from the different operating system (such as Linux, Mac etc) altogether. This greatly helps forensic investigators who can copy the relevant files from the target system to test machine and view the credentials offline without affecting the target environment.

New version of FirePassword comes with support for latest operating system Windows 7.
Download FirePassword here
For GUI version of FirePassword, check out new FirePasswordViewer

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