Friday, January 1, 2010

MatriXay 3.0 Web Application Vulnerabilities Scanner

Web Application Vulnerabilities Scanner(MatriXay 3.0)is developed by DBAPPSecurity security experts and based on in-depth analysis of typical security vulnerabilities as well as popular attack techniques in B/S structure application system.

MatriXay 1.0 was first released on the BlackHat Security Conference and Def-Con in August 2006; then in December 2007 , version 2.0 released and play an important role in Web security protection of Olympic Games 2008. Released in 2009, MatriXay 3.0 not only has the remarkable scanning ability,but also provides a powerful penetration testing and web Trojan detection. Therefore it is appraised as “The Best Web Security Evaluation Tool”.

MatriXay 3.0 aims to reduce the risk of Web Application, which means to protect national interest, social interest, and the interest of enterprises and even individuals. It is widely used in website such as “Government, Telecom Operator, Financial, Securities, Pubic security, Education, Tax, Electricity, and E-business etc.” and their inside B/S System(Such as OSS System、ERP System、OA System etc).

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Chris Conrey said...

Anything to help tighten up security holes is fine by me. Good find.