Sunday, February 28, 2010

Websecurify 0.5RC1 Released

Websecurify Security Testing Runtime identifies web security vulnerabilities by using advanced browser automation, discovery and fuzzing technologies.
Websecurify is written on the top of standard web technologies and it successfully executes in numerous platforms including modern browsers with support for HTML5, xulrunner, xpcshell, Java, V8 and others.

What's New in Websecurify 0.5
Here is the updated list of the new exciting features that are coming in Websecurify 0.5:
Improved user interface.
The workspace window now has an Issue view which provides detailed information on each finding.
Detailed reports which can be exported in CSV, HTM, XML and JSON.
More complete spidering and analytical engines.
Websecurify 0.5 will be able to detect CRLFI, LFI, Directory Listing, System Path disclosure vulnerabilities and it will be able to successfully extract other useful information while testing.
The test engine is more capable and easily extensible.
Internationalization is now supported everywhere including the reporting engine. This means that reports can be translated into any of the supported languages


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