Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Browser Forensics v1 2010

Why would you want to perform a forensic analysis of a computer system?Most of the time, it’s in response to an incident – e.g.something’s gone wrong, and that something may 2 have been actively perpetrated by a person (rather than a simple hardware failure or software error.)Oftentimes (and especially in web browser forensics) the evidence you gather may not even be directly related to the incident – if a person is terminated for over-socializing during work hours, and management suspects that the now-ex-employee may file a wrongful termination suit, you may be called in to see if s/he made use of any of the common socialnetworking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Friendster) to bolster management’s assertions.
Other reasons to perform an investigation include internal policy violations (conducting personal business at work, harassment), crime (child pornography, fraud, theft of trade secrets),and downloading of forbidden software (especially hacking tools.)

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