Saturday, April 24, 2010

FOCA 2.0 has been released

As it was told in the RootedCON in Madrid, FOCA 2 has a new algorithm which tries to discover as much info related to network infrastructure as possible. In this alpha version FOCA will add to the figured out network-map, all servers than can be found using a recursive algorithm searching in Google, BING, Reverse IP in BING, Well-known servers and DNS records, using an internal PTR-Scaning, etc….

To configure this algorithm you can use the new DNS Search panel and the info extracted will be showed up in three panels:
IP addresses
Then, you can use SHODAN to discover new servers and software related to special IP address.

ChangeLog 2.0:
-DNS enumeration added using subdomains Web Search, zone transfer, diccionary and bing IP search.
-Added panels Domains & IP
-Documents grouped by document type
-Used ListView groups
-Better Network Map representation
-Bing only search supported filetype documents
-Fix error analysing metadata


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