Friday, April 9, 2010

McAfee CSniffer V1.0.0.3

McAfee CSniffer Command Line Network Sniffer and Network Intelligence

This tool acts much like a standard Ethernet network sniffer. However, unlike a traditional packet sniffer it doesn't attempt to capture and decode all traffic but instead is geared toward discovering useful infrastructure and security-related data from the network, often from traffic not sent to or from the host system i.e. general broadcast network traffic. This data can reveal all manner of useful information, ranging from live systems on the network, hostnames, Ipv6 systems, routers and name servers, user names and passwords.

McAfee:We have discovered that one of the exploits of the Aurora vulnerability is exfiltration of intellectual property via source code management tools like Perforce. McAfee CSniffer is a free tool which will scan your infrastructure to discover if you have unencrypted Perforce passwords which could be stolen and used to penetrate your source code library

Download and more info about usage:

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