Monday, April 12, 2010

OWASP JBroFuzz 2.1 Released

The OWASP JBroFuzz Project is a web application fuzzer for requests being made over HTTP and/or HTTPS. Its purpose is to provide a single, portable application that offers stable web protocol fuzzing capabilities.

Release Notes (2.1):
Ctrl + M to load your own fuzzers from a .jbrf file
Removed the default addition of line feeds at the end of each request, make sure you know what you are fuzzing!
On The Wire: Right-click, clear & also option to select to see requests and/or responses
Added ASCII 85 (045-A85-RFC) & printable ASCII 94 (046-A94-CHR) fuzzers.
Base32 and zBase32 Encode/Decode functionality added
JBroFuzz now logs into daily log (thnx Ranulf!)
You can load your custom payloads by placing a file called fuzzers.jbrf within your working directory.
Added 3 new file extension fuzzers (thnx Adam)

Download and more info:

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