Friday, April 2, 2010

winAUTOPWN 2.2 - Introducing BSDAUTOPWN

This is the first release of BSDAUTOPWN and does not have all the exploits which are currently available for winAUTOPWN.
BSDAUTOPWN is still under development and hopefully will be enriched with all the exploits which are already present and also which will be added to winAUTOWPN in the future.

Currently, BSD AUTOPWN is exactly where winAUTOWPN was one year back.This reminds that it has been exactly a year since winAUTOPWN had been made public. Although the very first version of winAUTOPWN was written and circulated internally on 20th Jan 2009, it was publicly made available (version 1.6) only on 31st March 2009.

In this release you will find a pre-compiled binary named bsdAUTOPWN compiled on FreeBSD-9.0 CURRENT-2010 (i386). Tested on FreeBSD 8.0 Release alongwith FreeBSD-9.0-CURRENT.
To run bsdAUTOPWn you will require a FreeBSD OS. Perform the below the set the binary with executable flags.
chmod +x bsdAUTOPWN

Download winAUTOPWN and bsdAUTOPWN from:

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