Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WeakNet IV Linux Update

WeakNet Labs has just released the latest version of its highly customized WeakNet Linux, a penetration testing Linux distribution packed with goodies for security experts and sysadmins, but not only. WeakNet Linux IV brings the first release of the custom WeakerThan Linux kernel with built-in support for packet injection and a faster boot time. It also comes with a lot of tools for testing a network’s strength to attacks and other types of security-related testing.

WeakNet Linux IV packs in a lot of punch. The OS boots lightning-fast, thanks to a great deal of optimizations on this part. It’s very lightweight, it uses Fluxbox as a window manager and most utilities have been chosen with speed in mind. Google Chrome is now the default web browser, its speed and relatively small memory footprint made it a perfect candidate for WeakNet.WeakNet Linux IV also gets a visual revamp with a new Fluxbox theme and boot splash.

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