Friday, June 25, 2010

Websecurify 0.6 Final Released

Websecurify Security Testing Runtime

Websecurify is a powerful web application security testing environment designed from the ground up to provide the best combination of automatic and manual vulnerability testing technologies.

Some of the main features of Websecurify include:
Available for all major platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
Simple to use user interface
Builtin internationalization support
Easily extensible with the help of add-ons and plugins
Exportable and customisable reports with any level of detail
Moduler and reusable design
Powerful manual testing tools and helper facilities
Powerful analytical and scanning technology
Scriptable support for JavaScript and Python
Extensible via many languages including JavaScript, Python, C, C++ and Java

This release features numerous performance and stability improvements and paves the way to Websecurify Advanced, Professional and other 3-rd party extensions.


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