Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exploiting a cross-site scripting vulnerability on Facebook

Impact of Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities on social networking sites

Take a walk through most workplaces and you will surely notice someone browsing a social networking site. No wonder that website popularity services like Alexa rate Facebook the second most visited website after Google and before Youtube! We trust these websites to reflect the public image that we want to portray and sometimes even trust with secrets. A single cross-site scripting vulnerability allows attackers to do anything (that the victim may do) on behalf of the victim. In this article we will look at how Facebook accounts could be compromised through such a simple, yet effective vulnerability.

HTTPOnly does not protect your site (or Facebook) from XSS exploitation

Traditionally, most cross-site scripting exploitation involves sending the cookie to the attacker through javascript. The attacker would typically write dynamic HTML such as the one below, which dynamically sends the cookie to a web server controlled by the attacker.

More info and video demo:

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