Monday, August 2, 2010

Mumba Botnet Disclosed

The Mumba botnet, so called because of some funky attributes our researchers found on the server, was created by one of the most sophisticated group of cybercriminals on the internet known as the Avalanche Group.

This group has perfected a mass-production system for deploying phishing sites and data stealing malware. Mumba uses the latest version of Zeus, currently one of the most common malwares and infected 55,000 computers worldwide.Of course, the longer cyber criminals can keep their botnets out in the open the more money they make, so they invest a great deal of time and resources in protecting their systems and hiding their servers from detection by security researchers and law enforcement officials.

This was certainly the case with the Mumba botnet, which was extremely effective at harvesting web users data. The full report, which can be downloaded from this blog, shows that the Mumba botnet was responsible for stealing more than 60 gigabytes of personal data from people, including their details from social networking websites, bank account details, credit card numbers and emails.
The United States had the highest share of PCs infected by the Mumba botnet (33 percent), followed by Germany (17 percent), Spain (7 percent), United Kingdom (6 percent), Mexico and Canada (both 5 percent).

Download Revised Mumba Botnet Whitepaper

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