Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NetSecL 3.0 Released

The new version of NetSecL 3.0 is a live DVD + installation based on OpenSuse. Once installed you can fully enjoy the features of GrSecurity hardened kernel and penetration tools OR if you like to do some penetration testing you can directly run all tools from the live DVD. The password for both admin and root user on the DVD is linux
NetSecL firewall is included as always and most of the penetration tools are ported to the new platform. Also we'd like to mention that we've got many other programs up and running with GrSecurity enabled, which is great success especially when it comes to programs like wine, OpenOffice, Vuze, Qemu and many gnome applications.
Warning: when you install use ext3 (tested) for root partition.
Minimal System Requirements for running the live DVD: 512 MB of RAM
Minimal System Requirements for installing: 1 GB of RAM, 5 GB partition at least (SATA-tested)
With that said we think that the new version of NetSecL is fully function as a Desktop,Server and Penetration testing environment.

For more info and download check http://netsecl.com

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