Monday, September 13, 2010

SET v0.7 “Swagger Wagon” Released with Updated Tutorials

SecManiac: I’m proud to release the latest version of SET v0.7, this release has two new attack vectors (multi attack and web jacking), three new Teensy HID payloads and a number of bug fixes and additions. SET really has taken off to be a standard tool within a penetration testers arsenal and really appreciate the communities backing with the progress of this. SET is done purely on my spare time and for free, with twins and a 2 1/2 year old time is precious I don’t want donations, this is for fun and a passion…but am always looking for new ideas or enhancements to SET. If you have an idea that you wanted incorporated, ping me anytime, there is a good chance it could be incorporated! With this release I decided to put together a SET v0.7 tutorial that will be updated with each version. It can be found in the readme/User_Manual.pdf or you can find the online versions at and on the Metasploit Unleashed course:

For a video of SET version 0.7 head over to here:

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