Sunday, October 10, 2010

BeEF 0.4.1 Alpha Released

Browser Exploitation Framework

BeEF, the Browser Exploitation Framework is a professional security tool provided for lawful research and testing purposes. It allows the experienced penetration tester or system administrator additional attack vectors when assessing the posture of a target. The user of BeEF will control which browser will launch which exploit and at which target.
BeEF hooks one or more web browsers as beachheads for the launching of directed exploits in real-time. Each browser is likely to be within a different security context. This provides additional vectors that can be exploited by security professionals.
BeEF provides a professional and simple user interface. It is easy to deploy and is implemented in Ruby so it will run on most Operating Systems. The framework contains various command modules which employ BeEF's simple API. This API facilitates quick development of custom modules by the user.

The first cut of the Ruby port is version 0.4.1-alpha. This cut focused on stability, the install process and the UI. Currently, the PHP version still has greater functionality. This release is not entirely production ready. In saying that, it is stable and boasts a new feature - the Requester!


Download the PHP version:

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