Monday, October 25, 2010

GnackTrack Final Released

GnackTrack is a penetration testing distribution for Gnome fans. For those not in the know, a penetration tester is an ethical hacker.

Many of us have heard of BackTrackbut just struggle to get on with KDE. Many people prefer Gnome based linux distributions and thus GnackTrack was born. Origionally GnackTrack was created by adding Gnome on top of BackTrack and stripping the KDE parts but this prooved to be extremely painful OUCH!!! There was a lot of "junk" left over so it was decided to build a gnome based penetration cd from the ground up.
With Ubuntu being one of the most popular distributions it made sense to base GnackTrack on that, especially because the 10.04LTS had a long support life.

This version now includes language support which can be access via System-->Administration-->Language Support. Keyboard Layout preferences can now be accessed via System-->Preferences-->Keyboard. We have added a GnackTrack splash screen to the boot process and have also created a Services section under the Gnome menu where you can instantly turn on/off ssh, ftp, mysql, http, tftp, vnc, etc

GnackTrack being installed under a VM ( video )


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