Sunday, October 24, 2010

Secmic 4 Beta 2

Secmic is a Kubuntu based live security distribution that may be used by security professionals or for educational purposes. It is free to download, and always will be. It comprises over 200 security oriented applications and maintains Ubuntu/Kubuntu update compatibility; meaning you will be able to receive security updates directly from the Ubuntu/Kubuntu repositories. b43 / wl hybrid compatibility is included with this Remastersys backup.

Secmic 4b2 is the second beta release of Secmic 4 and is based on Kubuntu 10.10. Some users may have issues using the default shipped 2.6.35-22 kernel from Kubuntu 10.10, most, if not all of these issues will be resovled with Secmic 4 final, as we will be using a custom compiled 2.6.36 kernel. This is a beta release, any feedback would be very helpful.


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