Monday, November 22, 2010

Shodan: Maltego Add-on

Maltego version 3+. Download for free at Paterva
Shodan API key. Get for free at: Shodan API page

The Maltego add-ons for Shodan have 2 parts:entities and transforms.Entities are used to display information in a sensible way in Maltego, while transforms let you modify and manipulate the entities.To get started,we will first import the new entities that Shodan provides for Maltego.
- Download the entities at:
- In Maltego, select "Manage Entities" in the "Manage" tab.
- Select "Import..."
- Locate the "shodan_entities.mtz" file you just downloaded and click "Next".
- Make sure all entities are checked, and click "Next".
- Enter "Shodan" as a category for the new entities. Click "Finish".

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