Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Droidmap v0.1

An android application that implements some functions of NMAP in a gui

This is an android application for root users that implements some functions of NMAP in a GUI in android. This program comes with installer scripts for the installation of the required NMAP application that must be run to install the program to your phone. Please note that the installation process requires a Linux environment running the Android developer tools from the SDK (this program requires adb for installation).



Rob said...

Hey, I'm one of the developers of DroidMap and I am honored that you like my program. Let me know if you have any questions...

Thanks for featuring our first Android App!


Frank said...

hey rob, first of all: thx for your app! I have tested it on my HD2 (running Android from SD; darkstone SuperRAM 1.5) and it works quite well. Two issues: 1) The buttons are placed too low on my HD2, I can see only about 1/2 of them. 2) Had problems with nmap missing /etc/resource.conf; have fixed it with proposed --system-dns, placed behind ip range.
Any suggestions on 1)??