Sunday, December 26, 2010

Owned and Exposed - Issue No.2

- - inj3ct0r - ettercap - exploit-db - backtrack - free-hack

Greetings followers, welcome to the second issue of owned and exp0sed.This file is encoded with UTF-8, so to view it properly use unicode.

We owned ettercap because we were tired of people firing that shit up and pretending to be a l33th4x0r sheep who think they are the greatest hackerz with their ARP spoofing toolkitz.. If you have installed ettercap in the last 5 years you may want to check yo shit (;p).

We owned offsec including backtrack and exploit-db because they are fucking security "expert" maggots (oops s/m/f/) who just fail so hard at security that we wonder why people really take their training courses. We imagine it's like open mic night at the laughatorium.

We owned inj3ct0r because they are lameass wannabe milw0rm kids whose sole purpose in life is to disclose XSS 0dayz in Joomla (RSnake anyone?).

We owned (AGAIN) because they are unable to learn from their mistakes and keep spreading garbage around the underground.

We owned free-hack because they are developing into one of the largest, most arrogant script-kiddie breeding grounds on the intertubez.

Full Disclosure:

/thx to my friend Horadrim


See also : BackTrack Site Compromised

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