Thursday, December 2, 2010

winAUTOPWN v2.5 Released

winAUTOPWN and bsdAUTOPWN are minimal Interactive Frameworks which act as a frontend for quick systems vulnerability exploitation.It takes inputs like IP address, Hostname, CMS Path, etc. and does a smart multi-threaded portscan for TCP ports 1 to 65535. Exploits capable of giving Remote Shells, which are released publicly over the Internet by active contributors and exploit writers are constantly added to winAUTOPWN/bsdAUTOPWN.
A lot of these exploits are written in scripting languages like python,perl and php.Presence of these language interpreters is essential for successful exploitations using winAUTOPWN/bsdAUTOPWN.Exploits written in languages like C,Pascal,ASM which can be compiled are pre-compiled and added along-with others. On successful exploitation winAUTOPWN/bsdAUTOPWN gives a remote shell and waits for the attacker to use the shell before trying other exploits.This way the attacker can count and check the number of exploits which actually worked on a Target System.

This version covers almost all remote exploits up-till November 2010.
Remote Shell Upload Vulnerability Scan Module Exploits are set to off by default. Use commandline parameter .-doRSH to enable them.
Also, in this version :
BSDAUTOPWN has been upgraded to version 1.3.
You will also find a pre-compiled binaries for :
FreeBSD x86
FreeBSD x64
DragonFly BSD x86


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