Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) v1.2 Released

This version of SET does not include any new attack vectors however does incorporate two new exploits from Metasploit, has some bug fixes, but most importantly introduces a significant step in allowing individuals build and automate additions onto the toolkit.This new version centralized a lot of the code in a “core” functionality that will allow you to build whatever you want to into SET now. In this version it introduced the core library modules and the ability to add third party modules into SET. Essentially, the folder located in the SET root “modules” can add additions or enhancements to SET and add additional contributions to the toolkit. The first thing to note is that when you add a new “.py” file to the modules directory, it will automatically be imported into SET under “Third Party Modules”. Below is an example of a test module: http://www.secmaniac.com

Download: http://www.secmaniac.com/download

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