Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Open Source Pentest Bookmarks Collection

…is just that, a collection of handy bookmarks I initially collected that aid me in my day to day work or I find in the course of research. They are not all inclusive and some sections need to be parsed but they are all good reference materials. I find having this Hackery folder in Firefox an easy way to reference syntax, tricks, methods, and generally facilitate and organize research. Hopefully the initial set will grow and expand.
Opening it up to everyone will facilitate a knowledge transfer.

How it’s working atm:

First off, we need help. OCD organizational people and people who can contribute or sort out the best links. Comment on the wiki if you wanna pitch in. Free beer at con’s
The whole bookmarks html file is ready for import to firefox off of the downloads section. As people submit new links we will add them and restructure the categories as they expand. Otherwise the wiki page should have all the links piecemeal should you not decide to download the whole folder (which is lame).

How to submit your bookmarks:

Since a bookmarks file is not really what you usually use a code repository for we opted just to use the download and wiki sections of google code.If you have suggestions or a few links to submit, leave a comment on the wiki page.If you think you have a large set of bookmarks you think can contribute email us and we’ll add you to the contributors section. The general categories are Listed on the main page.


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