Sunday, March 27, 2011

MySql.Com hacked

MySql.Com Full Disclosure (SQL Injection )

The Mysql website offers database software, services and support for your business, including the Enterprise server, the Network monitoring and advisory services and the production support. The wide range of products include: Mysql clusters, embedded database, drivers for JDBC, ODBC and Net, visual database tools (query browser, migration toolkit) and last but not least the MaxDB- the open source database certified for SAP/R3. The Mysql services are also made available for you. Choose among the Mysql training for database solutions, Mysql certification for the Developers and DBAs, Mysql consulting and support. It makes no difference if you are new in the database technology or a skilled developer of DBA, Mysql proposes services of all sorts for their customers.


UPDATE and not only MySql also Oracle (Oracle Sun Microsystems) vulnerable to SQL Injection ( Full Disclosure )

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