Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Splunk v.4.2 Released

Splunk is the engine for machine data. Use Splunk to collect, index and harness the fast moving machine data generated by all your applications, servers and devices — physical, virtual and in the cloud. Search and analyze all your real-time and historical data from one place.
Splunking your machine data lets you troubleshoot problems and investigate security incidents in minutes, not hours or days. Monitor your end-to-end infrastructure to avoid service degradation or outages. Meet compliance mandates at lower cost. Correlate and analyze complex events spanning multiple systems. Gain new levels of operational visibility and intelligence for IT and the Business.

What's New in 4.2 :

Real-time alerting - provide immediate notification and response for events, patterns, incidents and attacks as they occur.
Universal Forwarder - new dedicated forwarder delivers secure, distributed, real-time data collection from thousands of endpoints.
Easier and faster - new visualizations, quick start guides for new users, integrated workflows for common tasks and up to 10X faster search experience for large-scale deployments.
Managing Splunk - new centralized deployment monitoring and centralized license management.

Download: http://www.splunk.com

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