Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Metasploit Framework v.3.7.1 Released

This is a relatively small release focused on bug fixes and performance improvements.

Notable highlights include an improved IPv6 reverse_tcp stager from Stephen Fewer, a performance improvement for HTTP services (client-side modules), a bug fix to channel support in the PHP Meterpreter, an update to MSFGUI, and various small tweaks to the included modules. In addition, this release adds exploit modules for the VLC Media Player and the ICONICS WebHMI ActiveX control (SCADA), as well as a new ARP Poisoning auxiliary module.

Metasploit now ships with 687 exploit modules, 357 auxiliary modules, and 39 post modules.2 new exploits and 2 new auxiliary modules have been added since the last release.This release address a performance issue with HTTP Services and adds a few modules.In addition, a bug in the Windows auto-update task has been corrected, along with minor changes to the Windows installer.

Download: http://metasploit.com

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