Thursday, June 16, 2011

THC-Hydra v.6.4 released

Fast network logon cracker which support many different services

* Update SIP module to extract and use external IP addr return from server error to bypass NAT
* Update SIP module to use SASL lib
* Update email modules to check clear mode when TLS mode failed
* Update Oracle Listener module to work with Oracle DB 9.2
* Update LDAP module to support Windows 2008 active directory simple auth
* Fix to the connection adaptation engine which would loose planned attempts
* Fix make script for CentOS, reported by ya0wei
* Print error when a service limits connections and few pairs have to be tested
* Improved Mysql module to only init/close when needed
* Added patch from the FreeBSD maintainers
* Module usage help does not need a target to be specified anymore
* configure script now honors /etc/ directory


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