Wednesday, July 20, 2011

winAUTOPWN v2.7 - Released

This version covers almost all remote exploits up-till mid-July 2011 and a few older ones as well.This version incorporates a few new commandline parameters: -perlrevshURL (for a PERL Reverse Shell URL), -
mailFROM (smtpsender) and -mailTO (smtpreceiver).These are the commandline arguments required for a few exploits which require remote connect-back using a perl shell and email server exploits requiring authentication respectively.This version also tackles various internal bugs and fixes them.

Also, in this version :
BSDAUTOPWN has been upgraded to version 1.5.
In this release you will also find pre-compiled binaries for :
FreeBSD x86
FreeBSD x64
DragonFly BSD x86

A complete Document explaining : How to use winAUTOPWN/bsdAUTOPWN, How to add your own exploits using WELF, other advanced command-line options and everything else
related to WINDOWS AUTOPWN is available at the Downloads Section.It is also available online at:


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